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Automatic Shoes

(est. 2006)

Singer/Songwriter | Matthew Joseph Hughes

Atari Ferrari
(est. 2016)
Rob Shugert | Eric Woodard | Matthew Joseph Hughes | Henry Schultz | Scott Schultz

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It's a pretty simple story - I've just always loved music, and have been singing as long as I can remember. I've had a guitar around since about 2001, although I didn't start teaching myself chords until 2006 when I discovered Marc Bolan & T.Rex, and felt like that was my way into figuring out how to make my own music. I was bullied a bit in school for being too feminine, and Marc seemed to pull off the androgyny, find an audience, and still be taken seriously as an artist. I wanted that.

I wrote and recorded some pretty rough songs and passed them out to friends, and put them up on Myspace. I did a few T.Rex covers as well, and pretty soon found myself a little audience among T.Rex fans in the UK. I still share covers from time to time, while I'm working away on original material. I did my first full album of Bolan covers in 2020, called In This Style.

I have sent my music out to labels and industry people over the years, but have never really gotten any interest, aside from one private audition for The Voice. It's nothing to brag about, really. Those kinds of things are why many people have dismissed modern music entirely; it's not about the music. Just as well, I didn't have the "right look."

A week after that audition, I played a David Bowie tribute show with a few local musicians, and that experience was so fun - we decided to hang together and form Atari Ferrari. We've recorded three albums together so far, and play around Spokane somewhat often, at least before the world got weird.

I've always recorded, produced, and released my own stuff, so it's always going to be me interacting with you, if you message or order a CD. Send me a chat if you find something weird on here, as I did the site myself too.

- Matthew


Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for checking in on me... I am working on some new music, alone, with the band, and with some friends. Trying to get my head on straight and figure out what to do with it. See you soon :)

Matthew - March 2023


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