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Automatic Shoes

3D Vision & The California Blues


Compact Disc | $10

First 30 orders come with free posters & stickers.

About the album:


I've been making music as Automatic Shoes since 2006 now... I take my name from the T.Rex song Telegram Sam. "Automatic Shoes, gimme 3D vision & the California Blues". I first found an audience & kinship with T.Rex fans in the UK, so I've covered Marc Bolan pretty regularly over the years - but every few months, I see someone asking if I have an album's worth of covers. The concept has always scared me, as I wanted people to hear my own songs. But as I get older, I realize that fear is a dangerous motivator/inhibitor, and should not be the driving force behind any art. We have enough fear out there in the world - so here is the album where I overcome mine.

Normally before I start recording a new album, I'll warm up by experimenting with a few cover songs, to try out different sound and production ideas. We're just starting in on recording the next Atari Ferrari album, so I wanted to go a little harder this time - 20 songs in one month. Going to California was recorded first and kind of sparked the idea for the whole project. Watching the Wheels was done last, recorded on my iPad. I love the sound of Lennon's demos (and Bolan's.) Also, the lyrics for Dylan's song, Born In Time, were taken from the Oh Mercy sessions demo. I tried to find songs from artists that I think sparked something inside of me as a kid, and those that still inspire me today. 

The songs:

1. There Was A Time | T.Rex
2. Angel Down | Lady Gaga
3. Wildflowers | Tom Petty
4. Blitzkrieg Bop (with Atari Ferrari) | Ramones
5. The Wind | Cat Stevens
6. The Nothing Maker | Pretenders
7. Going To California | Led Zeppelin
8. Coyote | Joni Mitchell
9. Born In Time | Bob Dylan
10. Landslide | Fleetwood Mac
11. In Dreams | Roy Orbison
12. Watching The Wheels | John Lennon
13. Helplessly Hoping | Crosby, Stills, & Nash
14. After The Gold Rush | Neil Young
15. Moving In Stereo | The Cars
16. Ziggy Stardust (with Atari Ferrari) | David Bowie
17. Spaceball Ricochet | T.Rex
18. When The World Was Round | Ian Hunter
19. Jaguars In The Air | Lykke Li

Bandcamp bonus track:

20. I Started A Joke | Bee Gees

All songs performed by Matthew Joseph Hughes, except Blitzkrieg Bop & Ziggy Stardust, with Atari Ferrari.

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