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My name is Matthew, and I've been making music as Automatic Shoes since late 2006, when I taught myself to play guitar. I started off writing, recording, and producing my own work out of convenience, but I've come to love and embrace the process. So, when you hear one of my albums, you are hearing just my own work, aside from a couple Marc Bolan covers early on, when I was still finding my way... although I suppose I still am.

I've made several albums on my own which you can hear on the Albums page, and one with my new band Atari Ferrari, which you can listen to here. It's more rock and roll than what I can accomplish on my own. It's a lot of fun, and works a little better in front of an audience compared to the softer stuff.


I made 3 dreadful albums before 2007, when my discography starts on here. If you need to hear them out of morbid curiosity, get in touch. Otherwise, they are never again seeing the light of day.



CLASSIC (2007)

Automatic Shoes (2008)

After All (2011)

As It Is (2013)

The Road (2014)

With Love (2014)

Songs of Love + War (2015)

And Yet The World Turns (2016)

Dream Of Tomorrow (2016)

Vulture Boys (2017)

Coming Up For Air (2017)

Sentimental Education (2017) - with Atari Ferrari

Live From My Dreams (2017)

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